As I’m filling in my profile information for my LinkedIn and accounts, I muse on how my years in writing ad copy for radio stations have really paid off.

I had this mentor at the first radio station I worked at in 1990 and she instilled into me the absolute necessity of being clear.  This, of course, is well preached in The Elements of Style, by Professor William Strunk, Jr., but I had no idea he existed back then.  I digress. 

Mentor says, “you only have seconds to catch the listener’s attention so say what you need to say before they change stations.”  The pressure was on.  Two-to-five seconds to grab my listener and force them to hear what I have to say.   I took the challenge.

Now Strunk is my mentor.  He says, “Omit needless words!”  I cut.  “Be clear!” he shouts.  I rewrite (I changed the title on this post four times.)  The payoff?  “…since writing is communication, it can only be a virtue,” he offers.

These principles are now the foundation to all my communications both personal and professional .  The downside is my writing is now subject to a keyboard since my pen doesn’t have a backspace key!



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