Wielding Words Wisely

Words fill gaps, mend hearts, heal wounds.  But both the sincere and shady can wield it’s sword.  It is not surprising then, that high-powered recorders have been able to record converstations in empty rooms where words linger years after mouths have left.  A word that hurt you when you were a mere child can still sting your heart when you have matured well beyond a playground game. 

What it is that ignites the power in words?  Do they not sit dormant on paper until someone reads them?  Are they not mere ink until someone obeys them?  Will they not remain harmless until someone loads them into their mouth and begins shooting? 

It is the speaker, then, that endows each word with the fuel to love, hate, heal or harm.  It is the reader who absorbs what the writer conveys.

Wield your words wisely.



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