Their – They’re – There

There, there.  Don’t be embarrassed!  If you still don’t get the difference between these three words, take heart!  It’s not hard, just say them out loud: Their – They’re – There.  See?  Easy, huh?  Here’s a quickie review:

Their – this is possessive, meaning it refers to someone’s property or something belonging to them:  It was their choice to leave the concert early.

They’re – this is a contraction of two words: They are.  So, if you are going to use this in your sentence, you’re better off saying it out loud: They are:  They’re really getting on my nerves!

There – can be used multiple ways:  There! I did it. More examples when you click on the word.

For worksheets you can print and keep near your keyboard, here’s a site I found:

Have fun!



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