Let There be White Space!

The amount of white space on your web or blog pages is one of the major factors in turning visitors into readers.

If you’re going to write on the web, you’re writing for readers – faithful readers.  For an ROI on your writing, use your ENTER KEY often!

Sure, it’s ok to have several sentences, even paragraphs…but not at the top and not when you first introduce your blog.  Attract readers by letting your words breathe.  Say more with less.  You can practice on Twitter , which only allows 140 characters!

Of course, the other major factor to finding and keeping readers is having something to say and saying it well – but that’s a given.

Let there be white space!



One response

  1. […] sites, I’m amazed at the sloppiness: quotes without quotation marks; thick paragraphs with no white space in sight (breathe people!); and a severe lack of proper punctuation, to name a […]

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