Clear the Clunk

Clunky sentences can trip up your reader.  Reread and edit before you hit SEND on your e-mail message, or PUBLISH to your blog post, etc.

Read your post or message out loud, then bravely ask the tough questions:

1.  Does this make sense?

2.  If I need action from the reader, is the action clear?

3.  Are all dates, deadlines or pertinent information written clearly and double-checked?

4.  Are all these words necessary?

5.  Have I been redundant?

Obviously, this list of questions is not all-inclusive, but you get the point.  Self-editing means you get out of your writer role and be the reader – and have the courage to cut, clean and rewrite if necessary.

Thank goodness it’s still vogue in our haphazard, hasty world to write well!

Here’s to clearing the clunk!

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