Grammar Shmammer

English connoisseurs  may not have made it past the title of this post (since I made up a word and it looks misspelled and a host of other grammatically correct reasons), but for you who have made it to this part of the sentence, you know why you’re here (and shame on you for saying ‘shmammer.’)

Grammar is overrated, you may be thinking, but you’re still here so you either have a desire to learn more about the ‘G’ word or you just love reading what I write (if it’s the latter, thank you from the bottom of my ink well).

Hopefully you won’t be disappointed to learn that I’m not going to teach you about grammar.  I just wanted to point you to a blog I found that has a far deeper passion for it than I, and whose witty take on the topic is quite quaint (excuse my alliterations).

SPOGG, The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, recently posted an article that relates to my last post on ‘clunky’ sentences: “Sometimes, We Just Make Things Hard for Ourselves.”   How true!  Have a read, it’s good.

Happy Grammar-ing!

CCS  see what else I do…


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