Good Writing Deserves to Look Good!

Like an attractive body, good writing gets noticed!  But if you’re a working writer, it may not be the type  of attention you want.

Writing well without proper attire is embarrassing.  Dress it up!

As I peruse writer’s blogs and read their answers in discussions on various social networking sites, I’m amazed at the sloppiness: quotes without quotation marks; thick paragraphs with no white space in sight (breathe people!); and a severe lack of proper punctuation, to name a few.

If you’re a working writer, remember that everything you write is being scrutinized by potential clients.  The world is watching!  All the more reason to take time to present your writing as beautifully as you would for a client – every single time without exception!

Commit to ‘dress up’ your good writing on every blog post, every question and answer you make on LinkedIn, in every Tweet, in every comment you type on Facebook and everywhere you traverse in the social “cybersphere.”  Edit – re-read – edit again.

Respect your writing and the dollars will find you!



One response

  1. Incognito Ainur | Reply

    This is so true. Writers are forgetting about the basics and that’s really a shame…

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