Talkin’ Sweet

One night in mid-January I had something on my mind that wouldn’t let me sleep.  I knew it was my “Muse,” who I know is really God’s Holy Spirit. So, I went to my laptop and typed till 4:30 a.m.

From that writing session came the 28-Day Sweet Lips Challenge, based on this verse, “Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.”  Psalm 14:13

Ever since last summer when I set my mind on a deliberate pursuit of holiness before my God, I have been convicted in this area–to have clean lips.  We can all relate to Isaiah when he cried out before the Angel of the Lord, “I am a man of unclean lips!”  (Isaiah 6:5)

So I put the challenge up on Facebook. You don’t have to join that group, but here are the rules:

PLEDGE: For 28-Days, I will choose only words that are sweet, soothing, sensible and soft.

That means that every negative, opinionated, self-centered, unkind, sarcastic, gossipy word that comes into my head I will stop before it slips from my mouth—be it blurt or whisper.

Here are the rules:

Fair Game:

  • Sweet, kind responses
  • Soothing words of sympathy, empathy and love
  • Sincere compliments (this requires you to notice others)
  • Sensible statements (constructive truth, facts, suggestions, observations, comments, etc.)
  • Share your hurt feelings, fears and worries only with God and no one else
  • Soft tones
  • Silence

Not Fair:

  • Squelching someone’s faith, dream or motivation with negatively-laced comments
  • Sermonizing others with superior opinions
  • Sharing your hurt feelings with those who didn’t hurt you
  • Spattering unkind comments into conversations that add nothing positive or constructive
  • Spearing others in the heart with hurtful words that burst out of concealed resentment
  • Sarcastic words crafted to deliberately harm others under a cloak of humor
  • Seemingly harmless gossipy words that slip out under your breath past your fake smile
  • Spiced up half-truths that suggest something evil of another without substantiation
  • Superlatives that flatter but have no substance
  • Screaming your words in order to silence or dominate a conversation


Since your facial expressions and body language can contradict your words, no fair speaking a blessing and not sincerely meaning it from your heart, for “out of the heart the mouth speaks,” as Jesus said.

Helpful Hints:

1. PRAY. Ask God each morning before you get out of bed to “put a guard over your mouth” as King David did in Psalm 14:13.  Write out that verse on a card and set it next to your alarm clock so you’ll see it first thing.

2. FORGIVE. If you want God’s help, you must release your prisoners.  (Lord’s Prayer) When you pray for God to guard your mouth each morning, you might as well go here too.  You can’t have sweet lips holding the jailer’s keys in an angry fist.

3. EAT. This is a journey so you’ll need food. Study the Scriptures that back-up the rules listed above. Some are listed below but you can do a quick search of keywords at like: gossip, anger, fools, sarcasm, etc.

4. BITE. If your will fails to stop a thought from being formed on your lips, your last defense is your teeth. A very famous woman once said, “Bite your tongue and swallow the blood.”  Mary Kay Ash

5. SHUT IT. Silence isn’t only golden, it’s power! When you have control over your tongue, the Bible says, you are perfect and can keep your entire body under control. (James 3:2)

How to Study the Bible:

DOSAGE: Take 1 to 2 verses in the morning and chew all day. Take all verses for the full 40 days without missing a dose.

CAUTION: If sweetness starts flowing from your lips, you may be experiencing a heart change. Remain calm and call your Great Physician to examine your heart for real change (Psalm 139:23. 24).

Leave me a comment if you want to discuss or converse about this — I would love to hear from you!



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