Word Doctor: What’s Your Point?

The Word Doctor is in!

Topic:  What’s Your Point? (and why you need to get to it!)


“Huh?  —  Next!

That’s not the reaction you want from the one who reads your message or memo.  If you need to get and keep a reader’s attention, or convince your Boss that you’re the one for that promotion, get to the point!

For those who don’t like to write, the biggest battle is fear, so make your point first and get it over with. Then build your case.


I would like to be considered for the senior supervisory position in my department. As you know, I have served ABC Company faithfully for 12 years, holding a perfect attendance record and several employee merit awards…

In the example above, the “point” is stated in the first sentence. Why is this important? Because your “decision-maker” reader is too busy to play “find the point” with your message, respect his time buy stating it up front.

Do you like to be ignored? Messages that are too wordy or vague, either get pushed to the bottom of the pile or ignored altogether.

Don’t risk it!  Make your point up front then prove it with subsequent sentences.

So, what’s your point?  You need to know before you write!



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