Raising Ideas

It’s amazing how a simple idea can give birth to so many tangibles. As you can see by the book cover to the left, I’ve written a book inspired by the “28-Day Sweet Lips Challenge”  I launched on a Facebook Page late January.

The February 2010 “28-Day Sweet Lips Challenge” was just an idea that dropped into my heart on a mid-January night when I was wrestling with my Muse to leave me alone so I could sleep. He won. By 1 AM I was out of bed plucking away at my keyboard and at 4:30 AM, I knew I had been given something that needed nurturing–I had to raise an idea.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I realized where this idea was to germinate: Facebook. So, I created a FB Page and from there created a virtual “Event” for people to attend.

It took off. Maybe not as huge as some events, but it was definitely “going viral” as the new lingo goes.

The best part was that “Sweet Lips” was changing lives. “So how does this idea grow,” I asked my Muse. The answer came through those who took the challenge: what’s the next challenge?

And so the idea grows into a series of consecutive monthly challenges accompanied by paperback booklets under the name: “BEE HOLY 28-Day Challenges” on Facebook and “BEE HOLY Booklet Series” in paperback.

The idea was simply the method to deliver the message. It wasn’t that the topic was new, in fact, the topic is as old as humanity itself: GOD FIRST.

King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, most eloquently wraps up the whole purpose of life in the last two verses of the book of Ecclesiastes:

“Let us hear the whole conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into judgment, whether good or evil.”

Doesn’t it make sense then, that if our purpose is to put God first–to please Him with everything we are, that we should work at it?  None of us needs reminding that we fight the law of gravity–not just physically, but spiritually. Thus the need for tools and methods.  Some work better than others and so each of us must find what works.

Do you have an idea that you’re sitting on? Raise it!  Give it a place to grow and let it work for the bottom line: GOD FIRST.


P.S. Who’s my Muse?  The answer is somewhere on my site.  Oh, and you can buy my book on my SHOP page!


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