Remembering for Safety’s Sake

I’m at that age now where teasing me about being forgetful is a new family game. As long as it is purely recreational, I’ll allow the jabs, but after this past week, I find no more humor in such reminders.

Every day since this past Sunday I’ve spoken with my Mom on the phone, me in my Illinois home and her in her hospital room in New Hampshire. Though our physical distance was frustrating, our mental distance petrified me.

Mom couldn’t remember how she got in the hospital. By Wednesday, she was crying like a prisoner. Nothing I could say to her would realign her memory. She thought her mother was alive–my grandmother died when I was 16. She thought she was in Ecuador with my Dad–a trip she took with him decades ago. Her mind was playing tricks on her and no matter how many times my Dad explained to her the nature of her hospital stay, she would instantly forget and grow increasingly frightened.

It turns out an infection got into her blood stream and was causing her delusions. As the week crawled by I was buried in an acute sadness for my Mom’s condition. It dawned on me today that we  are all in danger of becoming delusional.

I had recently started another 28-day challenge on Facebook titled, “Forget-Me-Not” and so the topic of remembering was still fresh on my mind. The deeper I studied the subject of why God wants us to remember Him and His word, the more I realized the pandemicity of this seemingly harmless habit, especially so in light of my Mom’s recent bout with memory loss.

True, forgetfulness can be harmless, but it can have dire consequences, too. It can be “three strikes and you’re out,” or one strike and you’re done.  Something as simple as forgetting to put on your turn signal can end someone’s life. A forgotten fact can change the outcome of a lawsuit or a college exam.

A forgotten God can steer you down a road to Hell.

Remembering is always for our good, our advancement, our safety. Signs line our highways to remind us of the speed limit. Employee guidelines remind us of our employer’s expectations. Laws remind us that we need to live in peace with our neighbor.

My thing right now is safety. I want to be sure that I know what God expects of me and to be sure I do it His way. I’ve been too slack in that area and I am now living the consequences of my forgetfulness. As I searched the Scriptures using the keyword “remember” I found direct quotes from both God the Father and God the Son from Genesis to Revelation warning us to remember Him–to not forget His laws or His love.

Out of all the “rules” to following God, I want to pay most attention to those quotes. I challenge you to do a word search in your Bible on the word “remember” and renew your understanding of what it means to truly follow God. Here’s a list I created for our May challenge: Forget-Me-Not Study Scriptures.

In this crazy world of relativity, subjective truth and talking heads, it’s easy to allow false doctrine to mix with our faith if we’re not paying attention to God’s word. If we’re not careful, lies can infect our soul and cause our minds to become delusional.



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  1. that was nice Cheryl – well said

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