A Heavenly Promotion

Today, Daddy’s been in heaven 30 days.  For him, there may not be “days” as he had on earth, since the only light is Jesus and He never sleeps.

I’m sitting at Daddy’s desk writing this post surrounded by all that he used to look at when he would work here, which is mostly pictures.

Layers of pictures are pinned to a small bulletin board suspended above the desk; dozens others are trapped under a large rectangular piece of plexi-glass on the desktop. Faces young and old: missionaries, orphans and family members– smiles frozen in time–all knew that Daddy was praying for them. They stare back at me as I type. How do we let them all know he’s gone?

Twelve of the pictures are of orphans he and Mom supported since birth. Partnering with World Vision, my parents helped raise these kids–my “adopted” brothers and sisters. Will they know him when they meet him in heaven?

I miss him. I keep thinking he will just walk around the corner and make some goofy face at me and tell me that he loves me. I keep waiting and hoping, then I remember he’s gone and feel silly.

Today is 30 days since Daddy went to heaven. I picture him there with his mother and father, his brother’s and sister, all basking in the Lord’s presence. What is it like to die?

That’s all Daddy ever talked about–meeting Jesus, being with Him in glory and being free of earthly sorrow and pain. His hope in a heavenly promotion is filled and when the crowns are passed out, I’m sure my Daddy will be wearing quite a few! I’m also sure that he will quickly cast them at the feet of Jesus in grateful worship.

I miss him but I’m not sorry he’s gone. He’s happier now than he ever imagined.

“We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.”  2 Corinthians 5:8

Galen R. Courtney

1933 – 2011


5 responses

  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us during this time of healing. You are so wise to write about your thoughts. I feel as though you’ve given me a glimpse of a wonderful man. Thank you for allowing us to know him, even in his passing from this world on to the next. It’s men like this that model greatness for the next generation to follow.

    My sympathies as you and your family as you adjust to his passing.

    Your “Sis” in Christ,
    Melissa Nicholas

  2. Thank you so much Melissa, for your kind and loving comment, it heals me as I sit here, still, at his desk and his favorite hymn plays through the speakers of his computer, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! When we’ve been there, 10,000 years…no more tears, no more tears. God is reaching for another bottle….Psalm 56:8, “You put my tears into your bottle”

    Blessings my Sister, we will soon be together on that glorious shore!

  3. […] only been eight months since we placed my Daddy’s body in a grave and assumed full-time care of my Mom whose mind has been confiscated by dementia. What my two […]

  4. Two yrs have passed since Moms passing. Miss her very much. As you sometimes I want her to be sitting in her chair. But then I know she is with her God sitting at his feet. I thank God for the gift of having a memory. So I can never forget the Blessings in life Mom and Dad taught me an showed me the life of Christ through them so I can share with others

    1. Debbie, thank you for sharing this with me. It means so much to me, especially on this day of remembrance. My heart is with you, too.

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