Plans Change.

symbol resurrectionThey walked with him for three years.  Each had plans of where it was all going. His many references to a kingdom spurred thoughts of overthrowing the current regime and freeing their people from its terror.

Such thoughts caused several to seek position and rank in that kingdom. Others were occupied with the method of bringing his kingdom into power. One was in it for the money.

None had planned for what actually happened.

His “Triumphal Entry” into the capital most likely had each of his followers pumped. By then his power was widely known by the people and greatly feared by the clergy. This is it, they might have mused, now we’re taking over and setting it all straight.

Proof of his master plan was all around them: He rode in on a donkey, as a king. He was surrounded by masses of worshipers shouting honor to his name, waving praises at him with palm branches held by hands he had healed. They threw down their cloaks in front of him in a royal path to the temple – but when he arrived, plans changed.

Instead of using his awesome power to overtake the city, Jesus rushed through the outer courts of the temple in Jerusalem in a mad rage. Thrusting tables into the air, he sent money flying, provoking screams from the money-changers. The ruckus infiltrated the inner courts. Priests and scribes peered between columns as word of who was causing the disturbance drew them out.

That zealous display in honor of his Father’s house preceded his bone-chilling apocalyptic prophecies, an unforgettable Passover meal and his heinous crucifixion.  So horrific was this turn of events, his followers scattered, shocked and confused.

Plans changed again. More precisely, their plans changed.

Hiding in an upper room from religious authorities seeking to arrest them for allegedly stealing Jesus’ body, the disciples saw the real kingdom when their Savior walked into that room through a locked door.

Instantly, they knew he was who he said he was and all their previous conceptions of how this whole kingdom thing was going down dissolved into devotion.

Yes, their plans changed, and because they did – because things didn’t turn out as they had planned, the whole world changed!

In John 11:25, Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.”

Easter may come once a year, but the power of the resurrected Christ can still change your life any day – for the rest of your life.


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