Rates – $

Standard Rates

Writing / Editing:   $35 / hour
Book Proposal: $1,000
Typesetting: $25/hour
Typing:   $25 / hour
Research:   $25 / hour
Consultation*:   $25 / hour
Promotion:   $25 / hour
Design / Desktop Publishing:   $35 / hour

Publishing Your Book into paperback, hardback or e-book is a separate cost from the above services and include typesetting, cover design (front, back, spine) and writing your back cover and jacket cover copy. Visit clay pen press for more information.

*No charge for initial first hour of consultation.

Book Writing Rates

Getting your book into print is typically a commitment of at least one year but can take several, depending on the progress you have already made on your manuscript.

After we meet for an initial consultation*, You will receive an estimate of my rates for your project within approximately one week.

Estimating the Cost to Edit Your Book

I derive my quotes to edit books with a formula that is based on your total word count. I estimate that each 8.5 X 11 page you type (double-spaced) has approximately 500 words. Then, with my average edit time of 1.5 pages per hour times my hourly rate of $35/hour, I multiple that figure by the number of pages of your total manuscript.

Here’s the breakdown based on $35/per hour:

10,000 words (20 pgs)@ 13.5 hrs = $472.50
20,000 words (40 pgs) @ 26.5 hrs = $927.50
30,000 words (60 pgs) @ 40 hrs = $1400.00
40,000 words (80 pgs) @ 53.5 hrs = $1872.50
50,000 words (100 pgs) @ 67 hrs = $2345.00
60,000 words (120 pgs) @ 80 hrs = $2800.00
70,000 words (140 pgs) @ 93.5 hrs = $3272.50
80,000 words (160 pgs) @ 107 hrs = $3745.00
90,000 words (180 pgs) @ 120 hrs = $4200.00
100,000 words (200 pgs) @ 133.5 hrs = $4672.50

FYI: If you feel my estimated hours to edit your book are high, here’s what the Chicago style guide estimates: “As a very rough estimate, a 100,000-word book manuscript, edited online by an experienced editor, may take seventy-five [75] to one hundred [100] hours of work before being sent to the author, plus another ten to twenty [10-20] additional hours after the author’s review.” (pg. 71, The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition)

If your manuscript is already typed in an electronic-format:

Most likely, your book will need a thorough edit and possibly re-writing before you can publish. I charge $35/hour for manuscript polish. This includes examination and correction of grammar, spelling, syntax, structure, tone, tense and flow.

If written but not in electronic-format:

It will be $25/hour to type your hand-written manuscript into an e-format as per publishing house standards. Here are approximate costs for typing rates based on word count:

10,000 – 30,000 words $110 – $315
40,000 – 60,000 words $415 – $625
70,000 – 100,000 words $735 – $1050

(Above listed prices are for typing services only and do not include editing services; these prices are based on 500 wds/page x 40wpm (approx. 12.5 mins/page) x $25/hour – contact me directly for an exact quote.)

For book projects I require a contract and an upfront fee of 50% of the contract. This sum will be “spent down,” similar to a retainer fee, and be tracked by invoices which I will mail to you. When the initial fee is near depletion, invoices will be sent as needed and payment will be due upon receipt.

Writing / Editing

I have a flat rate of $35/hour for writing, editing/re-writing. If your work is 10,000 words or more, my book writing rates apply (see above).

This service includes a thorough check of grammar, spelling, syntax, tense, tone and flow. I use the Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition. Click here for more on editing and book terminology.


Summarize your strengths, achievements and skills and compile a list of your job history then I’ll make it look good on paper. Resume packages begin at $100 and are not charged by the hour.  Contact me for a quote. Packages can include a “Functional” resume, a “Detailed” resume, and “Internet” resume with keywords (used for posting online) References sheet, Cover Letters and Building your Profile on LinkedIn. All package pieces are sent to you in both Word and PDF files.  Note: for a 24-hour turn-around, a $50 charge will be added to the quoted rate.

Media Copywriting

Radio, TV and print ads are my forte. I’ll write the copy that will bring customers to your door!

Seminar Materials

Rates for seminar materials are charged by the page and vary depending on whether content is prepared in advance and is only in need of formatting, or if it needs to be created (additional cost for extensive inserts into text, i.e., tables, charts, graphics, etc.). Quote for estimate of cost will follow initial consultation.

An additional fee of $5 will be charged for last minute changes per piece.


When something needs to be said, it’s worth taking the time to say it right the first time.

Contact me today for help writing succinct, effective letters. I can help with resume covers, legal, resignation, notices, business and more.


When you’re behind the microphone you get one chance to impress, motivate and inspire.

I can help you craft a speech that will command and remain with your audience.

Publish a Newsletter

Newsletters require extensive formatting and editing of text, therefore rates are charged at $35/hour. This service requires an initial consultation before a quote can be provided.

Brochures & Postcards

When you need to put more details into someone’s hand, impress them with sharp, informative and memorable collateral documents such as a brochure or a glossy postcard. Desktop publishing is charged at a flat $35/hour rate.

Computer Tutor

Most computer problems stem from a lack of knowledge on the basic logic of the Windows® Operating System.

This may sound like tech talk, but when you grasp the general useage and purposes of titlebars, toolbars, taskbars, scroll bars, and utilities, your computer will work for you instead of against you.

Training consists of assessing your level of knowledge and mapping out a course for enhancing your skills so you can be as productive as possible. At that point, I will give you a price quote for training, however my assessment is at no charge.

Need Virtual Assistance?  Contact Me for a Referral

If you get bogged down by the clerical duties of your small business, I’d be glad to refer you to a Virtual Assistant. Most of my VA referrals are certified with the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) as Certified Professional Secretary© (CPS), and Certified Administrative Professional© (CAP), and are proficient in Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 applications.


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