What do you need?

Look through my services below then contact me and we’ll chat about your project.

 Writing Workshops

What are you working on?

School Papers? …essays, speeches, stories, thesis or synopsis
Letters? …for job applications, legal issues, business, creditors
Advertising? …for your event or your business product or services
Scripts? …for your radio, TV or speaking engagements
Print Materials? …for seminars, newsletters, brochure text, etc.
Website Content?
E-mail Messages or Announcements?
anything with WORDS?

Word Doctor

Are your words in PAIN? Is writing a PAIN?

SEND ME YOUR PAGES and I will examine your writing, diagnose any problems, scrub them clean and operate if necessary.

On a HOT DEADLINE? I’m FAST! Send me your pages and I will check your writing’s internal organs: spelling, grammar, syntax, tone and flow. I’ll fix it, sew it up and send it back PRONTO!

If you have an on-going writing issue, I’ll write you a prescription! It will ease your pain and show you how to write better and more effectively.


ONLY $5 / PAGE through my PayPal

Write Your Book!

Get your story into print! As a ghostwriter, I can weave your story into a cohesive, compelling book for all to read.

Our first meeting is at no charge so you can express to me your vision for your book. Then we’ll make a plan by identifying your book’s purpose and audience. Once that is established we’ll create a project timeline and get to work.

Don’t put it off any longer – visit my RATES page!

Seminar Materials

Leave a lasting impression on your seminar attendees with sharp, effective handouts!

Give me an overview of your content, then we can brainstorm how best to assemble it for your audience.

Click on the link below to get started – but don’t put it off, I will need at least two weeks lead time to allow for proofing, edits and production.

Publish a Newsletter

Reach your clients or group members with an attractive newsletter stuffed with tasty morsels showcasing your business or organization.

We’ll find a layout that grabs your audience and holds their attention till you have said all you want them to know.

Once you have your basic layout, subsequent issues will be a snap to produce. Just provide the content and I’ll get it all looking good on time for mailing.

Website Copy, Proof & Edit

Building a webite requires more than just format and flash!

If your copy is bulky and filled with spelling and grammatical errors, it just makes the whole site look bad.

Hire me to help you not only write the copy, but proof and edit your site each time you make an update to your content.

This service is available as needed or on a contract basis to always keep your site clean and your readers glued to your pages.

Media Copywriting

Radio, TV and print ads are my forte. Let me know what you need to advertise and I’ll write the copy that will bring customers to your door.

Letters, Scripts, Brochures & Mores

When something needs to be said, it’s worth taking the time to say it right the first time:

• Send letters that are succinct & effective: legal, resignation, etc.

• Deliver powerful, memorable speeches.

• Offer informative brochures that command action.

Computer Tutor

Most computer problems stem from a lack of knowledge on the logic of the Windows® Operating System.

This may sound like tech talk, but when you grasp the basic useage and purposes of titlebars, toolbars, taskbars, scroll bars, and utilities, your computer will work for you instead of against you.

Training consists of assessing your level of knowledge and mapping out a course for enhancing your skills so you can be as productive as possible.


Need a Virtual Assistant?  Contact Me for a Referral …

If you get bogged down by the clerical duties of your home business, you could use an experienced Virtual Assistant!  I highly recommend Karen Heinrich, Certified Professional Secretary© (CPS), with the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

As a VA, Karen and her staff is available when you need help. This service requires a contract. Click here or on her logo, Secretary STAT on the left.


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