Slaves of the Third Reich

  by Michal Pal-Palewski


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On 29 April 1940, Michal was abducted by a Gestapo roundup on Marszałkowska Street—a street he walked often while visiting his family in Warsaw. Though he heard the warning shouts from others trying to escape, for Michal it was too late.

This posthumous memoir will chill you to the bone. It will leave you enraged at the wickedness of the Third Reich and exhilarated that good triumphed over evil through those, like Michal, who survived and left us their testimony on paper.

From Meth to Life one cell at a time

by Jamie Nash with C. C. Semick



Through hollow eyes Jamie Nash watched methamphetamine—his closest friend for seventeen years—bail on him as his life crashed into the penal system.

“Thirty years to be served concurrently,” said the judge.

The gavel dropped and Jamie was locked in a jail pod at Fayette County Courthouse, Vandalia, Illinois. Crashing from a meth high, Jamie contemplated suicide.

FROM METH TO LIFE: one cell at a time is a story of a life supernaturally rebuilt at the cellular level both physically and spiritually.

“I have been rescued—not arrested,” says Jamie. “I know God put me here to keep me from destroying my life.”

Jamie let God teach him the things he refused to learn when he was free. Soon he was on a mission. From cell to cell he shared the message of freedom in Christ with every inmate who crossed his path—those who would listen and those who wouldn’t. He served his sentence faithfully, finding unexpected joy by sticking to God’s plan for his life.

FROM METH TO LIFE: One Cell at a Time is for prisoners of all forms of addictions—both in and out of jail.

JAMIE NASH was released from prison for meth and gun possession charges on February 18, 2009. He is a logger in southern Illinois with his sons and shares his message of freedom through Christ to anyone who will listen.

28-Day Sweet Lips Challenge


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Take the 28-Day Sweet Lips Challenge as seen on my Facebook page!

What’s the challenge?

For 28-Days, you choose to only allow sweet, soothing, sensible and soft words past your lips. That means that when any sour, sharp, sarcastic or self-centered word forms in your head you will consciously stop it before it slips past your lips—be it blurt or whisper.

The “28-Day Sweet Lips Challenge” booklet also includes a 28-day journal to record your journey. Buy a bunch and take the challenge with your small group!

Random Acts of Poetry

by Cheryl Courtney Semick


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a collage of inspiring, motivational poetry that celebrates life’s challenges and triumphs.

This full-color 22-page book holds 13 of my original poems on a variety of topics including personal and spiritual relationships, employment and motivation.  One is an award-winning poem and several have been published in other publications.

The  Lure of the Sea

by Julia Smith


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A reluctant sailor, banished from her comfort zone in central Illinois by her newly retired husband, chronicles her brave voyage into retirement on a houseboat to Key West, Florida.

A Duck in My Sink

by Julia Smith


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

An empty-nester relinquishes her struggle with the circle of life through the nurture of an injured duckling and its two fluffy companions.

Gary’s Rock – A Mother’s Journey of Faith and Healing

by Lois Johnson, with Cheryl Courtney Semick

$9.35 (Amazon)


Gary walked out the door with a beach towel and never returned. School was finally out and he was headed to the beach for a swim with the neighbor kids. Within minutes the lake became his grave.

Jewels in Your Crown – Mining the Treasures Within

by Craig Fowler



In his debut book, Craig Fowler pulls up a chair and speaks frankly to those who long to climb up out of the norm, stand for something important and leave their imprint on the next generation.

And I Will Bring You Back

by Kimberly Fox

$10.79 (online price at Barnes & Noble)

A tragic drive-by shooting brings a single mother, a gangbanger, a detective’s wife, and a small town banker closer to God.  Kim’s debut novel captures your heart with three intertwining stories of tragedy, prejudice and hope.

Personal Note:

I had the honor of editing her manuscript before it was sent to the publishers and I am so excited to post it here on my shopping page!

Cheryl Courtney Semick


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